The picture commented on the five World Cup finals: the Alfa War ranked first this year, and the Bern Miracle ranked second in’54.

December 20-the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has ended. Argentina beat France in a penalty shootout to become the World Cup champion, and the 35-year-old Messi was crowned for the first time. Is this the best World Cup final ever? German newspaper Bild has named the top five World Cup finals in their history.
No. 1: Qatar’s thrillers
Doha, December 18, 2022: there is rarely a showdown between Lionel Messi and Mbappe in the World Cup final. Both players dominated the 120-minute game with their own character and goals (Mbappe scored three goals and Lionel Messi scored two). Argentina took a 2-0 lead, France tied 2-2, Argentina took a 3-2 lead in extra time, and France scored 3-3 again. Then there was a penalty shootout. There is nothing more dramatic than this. Lionel Messi finished her football career.
No. 2: Bern Miracle
Bern, July 4, 1954: Hungary is the favourite of this World Cup, beating Germany 8-3 in the group stage and scoring two goals in the first eight minutes of the final. But Herberg’s team later turned the world upside down: the 2-2 score was maintained until halftime. In the 84th minute, German radio reporter Zimmerman shouted: “Rahn must shoot!” So Rahn shot and the score came to 3-2! World Cup champion! For many people, this is the real moment of birth of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Third place: the ball of Wembley
London, July 30, 1966: in the final of Wembley’s ball, Webber equalized in the 90th minute, 2-2, overtime. In the 101st minute, Hearst’s shot hit under the crossbar and bounced back to the goal line-which can be seen on TV. Former Soviet linesman Bakhlamov pointed to the middle circle and determined that the goal was valid, the score was 3-2, and the game ended with 4-2. England won the trophy and Germany got sympathy: captain Uwe Schiller’s performance was very fair.
Fourth place: hot Battle
Mexico City, June 21, 1970: Brazil vs. Italy. The first final between two former World Cup champions. With a temperature of 50 degrees on the Aztec ball court, Pele’s greatest show. How he hits the ball, how he scores and how he assists the other two goals can’t be imitated. 4-1! Pele and Brazil became World Cup champions for the third time. They were allowed to keep the old World Cup trophy Rimet Gold Cup (which was later stolen and disappeared).
Fifth place: Allez les Bleus! (France cheer)
Paris, July 12, 1998: Brazilian star Ronaldo fainted in a hotel on the day of the final. Was it a seizure? Or a cyclical problem? At first he was not in the starting line-up, but then he appeared and helplessly witnessed Zidane’s coronation. Zinedine Zidane’s two heads and Petit’s goal, 3-0! France won the World Cup at home, and the blue team continued to move forward amid the cheers of “Allez les Bleus”.