The Pinto club cannot always get the players they want. The future of the team needs Mourinho

January 4 News Roma director Pinto accepted an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport and talked about the club

Pinto said: "I like to make practical actions, not words. It is fair to recall some of our contributions, which may not be noticed by many people. I hope to plan the present and future for this ambitious club.
To make progress, we also have to respect Financial Fair Play and economic circularity. International football has a short memory and people are focused on the present moment."

"Last season we cut wages by 25 million euros, parted ways with players who were no longer useful, and finally won the European Cup. After focusing on the team’s youth training, we brought some young players to the first team.
Also modernized the training facilities in Trigoria, built a scouting department, a match analysis department and created a women’s football team. There’s a lot to celebrate besides the UEFA Europa League."

"In the past year and a half, we have signed 14 players. After Friedkin took over, he invested 150 million euros in the club. In 2021, Roma is the club that invests the most in the transfer market among Serie A teams, including
Signed Abraham for 40 million euros. This season we signed Dybala, Wijnaldum, Matic and Belotti. But it is impossible to keep getting the players you want. According to Ou
The restrictions of the Football Federation, we can’t always want to get this player and let the chairman invest in it, we will not get all the players we want. We still have a lot of room for improvement, we need to fight for the Champions League, we want to win in the European War and
It is difficult to do well in Serie A."

"I would like to thank Mourinho because many players see him as a big reason to join. His support is crucial. Considering our coach and the structure of the team, we need to do better in the second half of the season. I
I’ve always said that I support him, we play with a back three, but we only have four centre-backs. From a technical point of view, every signing needs to be decided according to who leaves. When you have a coach like Mourinho, you
Need to get used to the rumours. It’s not the first time in 18 months that there has been an interest from a national team or a club, but we are only focused on our own work and we need him in our future."