The selection scope of the national football team is defined as follows: excellent foreign teachers who are familiar with Asian football and can quickly take over the team

January 1 According to the "Beijing Youth Daily" report, the requirements for the selection of the new coach of the national football team have been released
, The Football Association tends to look for an excellent foreign coach who is familiar with Asian football and can quickly take over the team.
Combining factors such as the characteristics of the opponents that the national football team may encounter in the world preliminaries and the Asian Cup, the main direction of the Chinese Football Association’s selection of coaches is likely to be an excellent foreign coach who is familiar with Asian football, can quickly get started, and has experience in leading teams in major international events.
Some outstanding foreign teachers who have coaching experience in Asian football or even in the Super League may theoretically become candidates.
For example, Paulo Bento, the Portuguese coach who has successively coached the Chongqing Lifan and Korean teams in the Chinese Super League, Olaroiu, who once led the former Jiangsu team to win the Chinese Super League championship, and once led Guangzhou City (formerly R&F team) to the top 5 in the Chinese Super League.
The current Serbian team coach Stojkovic, the Portuguese coach Queiroz who has coached the Iranian team several times to participate in the World Cup, etc.
But the selection of coaches does not depend on the wishful thinking of the employer.
For example, whether the two parties can reach a consensus on the concept of team leadership, team leadership goals, team leadership mode, whether the price can be negotiated, whether foreign teachers can accept a series of factors such as cooperating with Chinese coaches to lead the team, so the process of coach selection is difficult
, not surprisingly.
Previously, there was news that the Chinese Football Association is expected to finalize the new coach before the Spring Festival of the Lunar New Year.
In fact, regardless of whether candidates can be produced at this point in time, it is already a certainty that the Chinese team will start a new training session after the Lunar New Year.
Once the foreign coach is unable to come to work in a short period of time, the association will not rule out arranging the current coach Li Xiaopeng to take the lead in completing the team formation work as the Chinese coach team leader or training director.