The Sun: Ronaldo spent 28 million pounds decorating the mansion and asked for a 92-square-meter oversized master bedroom.

Cristiano Ronaldo will spend 28 million pounds renovating his mansion in Portugal, according to exclusive news from the Sun.
The Sun said it included a huge glass swimming pool and an underwater passageway in the pool. Ronaldo and Georgina will be able to look up through the underground corridor to see the water in the pool.
In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, insists on a master bedroom with huge space: 1000 square feet. It is said that the mansion will become Ronaldo’s main residence after retirement, and the cost of renovation has soared to 28 million pounds.
Earlier this year, the Sun revealed that the cost of the renovation was around 17 million pounds. But now Portuguese media have reported that the cost of the mansion, which will be completed in June next year, has increased by another 11 million pounds, partly undermining the view of the golf club in front of the Ronaldo mansion in order to get the club to move out.
Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina have so far selected four employees for the mansion, including a housekeeper and cook with a monthly salary of £4800. The chef is said to be a sushi master who specializes in Japanese cuisine at the Ronaldo family.