The Times: Arsenal are confident to sign Mudrick as soon as possible, hoping that he can play against Manchester United next week

January 14, “The Times” reported that Arsenal are confident to beat Chelsea and finalize Mudrick as soon as possible
Ke transfer matters, and let the Ukrainian winger play against Manchester United.

It is reported that Arsenal’s current total bid for Mudrick has reached 80 million pounds, and the initial fee is expected to exceed 50 million pounds.
Although the transfer has not yet been fully finalized, Shakhtar Donetsk’s side are expected to agree soon. They mainly hope to obtain a higher initial fee and set the additional terms as more achievable.
That would include Arsenal winning the Premier League or reaching the Champions League.

Mudrick has basically reached an agreement with Arsenal on a five-year contract, and he also said in an interview that he is willing to switch to the Gunners.

Arsenal will usher in the North London derby this weekend, and they will challenge Tottenham away.
And next weekend, Arsenal will play against Manchester United at home, and they hope that Mudrick can catch up with this game.

(Lin Yuan)