The two top scorers in the Saudi League will occupy the top two. Taliska has 11 goals and Ighalo has 8 goals

January 7 News Because of the arrival of Ronaldo, the Saudi Super League is also preparing
Concerned by the fans, in the scorer list, the two veteran Chinese Super League players took the top two spots in the scorer list.

Ronaldo’s teammate of victory in Riyadh, former Guangzhou team foreign aid Talisca, temporarily topped the scorer list with 11 goals.
Ighalo, another Chinese Super League veteran who played for Riyadh New Moon, ranked second in the scorer list with 8 goals.
Last season, Ighalo won the Saudi League Golden Boot with 24 goals.

In addition, the No. 4 Jeddah United striker Hamed also played for Guangzhou City before.