The World Cup of the past 16 years: Messi has caught up with the peak of eight years ago and is looking forward to realizing his dream in the next game.

Lionel Messi entered the World Cup for the first time 16 years ago. Eight years ago, Messi led Argentina to the World Cup final.
At this time in Qatar, is the most team of Argentina, built the most suitable system for Messi. Five goals and three assists in six games, this is Messi’s World Cup alone. There is only one step away from the champion, and I look forward to realizing my dream at the next stop.
01. From 18-year-old to 22-year-old, it is difficult to bear its weight.
A. 18-year-old Messi: give me the ball and take off
Lionel Messi, 18, has experienced too much this year. First, he won the Champions League with Barcelona for the first time, but he was injured by a violent foul in the last 16 of the Champions League against Chelsea, resulting in him missing the rest of the game.
Fortunately, Lionel Messi was lucky that Peckerman, the then Argentine coach, chose him to be a member of his own team. by contrast, Maradona was turned away by Menotti when he was 17.
Although he was positioned as a substitute, Messi quickly proved that the manager had made a wise decision to bring himself. In his first show as a substitute, he gained the credit of passing and shooting.
The youngest and oldest player in the history of the World Cup is Lionel Messi, and the legend started 16 years ago.
When the team entered the knockout stage and the standoff against Mexico, Messi was once again given the chance to come off the bench.
He and Tevez, Aimar formed a combination of three small flying knives, facing the small quick spirit of Mexico played a very good advantage.
In fact, Messi’s first World Cup knockout goal should have occurred in 2006, when the referee misjudged that Aimar was offside when he caught the ball (it was clearly a good shot in slow motion) and canceled Messi’s goal.
What makes people want to laugh is that Messi got his first assist in the knockout stage of the World Cup in 2010, but it was still due to miscalculation.
The opponent’s goalkeeper failed, and Messi passed the ball to Tevez, who even thought it was a good shot behind two Mexican defenders.
In the 2006 World Cup, Argentina then played Germany in the quarter-finals, because Peckerman chose Cruise over Lionel Messi, and his road to the first World Cup stopped after the team was out.
B. 22-year-old trip to South Africa: Messi can’t play the role of midfielder yet
Four years later, Messi’s manager became Maradona, which was supposed to be a perfect inheritance in Argentina, but in actual combat, a predecessor who “trusts” Messi too much will overwhelm him.
Because Maradona thinks Messi can organize and score goals in front of him, but the 22-year-old Messi is still too young to really play the role of midfielder.
Perhaps Maradona also forgot that the 21-year-old himself also suffered a defeat in the 1982 World Cup and was once hidden by the national team because he was not calm and got a red card.
At that time, around Xavi and Eniesta, Messi, who only needed to score goals and break through with the ball, had an understanding of the organization and was duty-bound to pass the ball.
However, too long dribbling distance will also reduce Messi’s shooting accuracy. Although he completely broke the defense, he will also give his teammates a chance to make up shots.
A few more people will remember that Messi created the opportunity on his own, but all talked about Messi’s failure to score a goal, lamenting at most: it’s a pity he hit the post.
But when he kicked, Messi always felt that something was wrong. If he can break through continuously in the face of a weak team, then entering the knockout stage, things will no longer be so easy.
In the final 8 match with Germany, Maradona even put out a 424 offensive formation. When DiMaria moved forward, Messi found himself full of teammates, but none of them could hit the wall with him.
At that time, Messi was not so good at passing, shooting and passing, and it was a bit helpful for him to lead a group of strikers.
22 to 23 years old birthday, spent in the World Cup, but not much sweet. Once again, Lionel Messi will have to wait another four years to meet a better coach and a better team for him.
02. From the runner-up in the World Cup to another bad coach
A. Messi in 2014: just one step away from reaching the top
Messi led Argentina to the finals three times in a row from 2014 to 2016, but fell short of success. It was the peak of the team’s strength for three years, but it was always so short of breath.
Many people may blame Higuain, but apart from the wasted opportunity in the final, the striker was still a hero in the team’s promotion in previous games.
Argentina played a good Lionel Messi system in the 2014 World Cup, and his first goal was Higuain’s assist to Lionel Messi.
The former pushed forward at the back of the middle lap and played the ball for Lionel Messi in the ribs, while the latter completed the flower-walking dribble and opened Argentina’s way to the final with a low shot.
With four goals in the group stage, Messi and Argentina entered the knockout stage with a three-game winning streak. Did not expect to encounter a fierce battle in the first game, plus stoppage time, the Swiss held on for almost 120 minutes, only to be defeated by Lionel Messi’s sudden outbreak.
DiMaria’s goal was only the last shot, and Messi was the starting point and source of victory.
Unfortunately, in the final, Lionel Messi once again sent an exquisite pass to Ravich, who scored a goal in Higuain but was ineffective.
Maybe Higuain’s closest to the goal is not that single, but this time starting a little later.
Argentina missed too many chances in the second half and overtime of that final. Even Lionel Messi himself did not grasp Biglia’s straight shot.
Coupled with the continuous waste of excellent opportunities by Aguero and Palacios, Argentina finally had to watch Gotzer become famous with a goal in extra time, leaving a great regret.
B. Messi in 2018: met another bad coach
While countless people are waiting for Lionel Messi and Argentina to make a comeback four years later, the team chose a bad coach-Sampoli.
There are always so many things in the Argentine media that they have leaked Sampoli’s deployment in advance again and again, which is fatal for a tactician.
Sampoli is really not far away, the first game against Iceland, the team missed the opportunity of penalty, the second game against Croatia, Enzo Perez lost the empty goal, so that Argentina, which dominated in the first half, could not take the lead.
In the second half of the game, the goalkeeper’s mistakes left Argentina 0-1 behind, their state of mind out of balance, and unfortunately collapsed.
Fortunately, it was Lionel Messi’s wonderful goal against Nigeria that made Argentina survive. However, the final 16 against France, it is really too difficult.
Sanbaoli’s trenchless array made Lionel Messi a pseudo-ninth, and as a result Glitzman withdrew his defense frequently, making Messi very uncomfortable.
But even so, Messi and his Argentine brothers didn’t give up at the last minute. With a beautiful over-header, Messi assists Aguero to turn the score into 3-4.
Unfortunately, in the final attack that followed, Di Maria missed the shooting opportunity in front of the goal and could only regret losing to the final champion.
Fortunately, Messi’s suffering finally came to an end after the Copa America in 2019, and things gradually got better with the victory of the Copa America in 2021.
03. Enter the finals again eight years later: looking forward to realizing your dream in the next game.
a. Every one is Messi in C.
Who would have thought that Lionel Messi, 35, would play such an unforgettable match in his fifth World Cup.
The previous four World Cup knockout stages scored 0 goals, as a result, this tournament scored three consecutive rounds of knockout goals, which is not only expected to compete for golden boots, but also to become Argentina’s World Cup history scorer with a total of 11 goals. and the first player in the World Cup to score goals in the World Cup.
What is even more frightening is that Messi scored five goals and three assists in this World Cup, four of which helped the team open the record.
Especially in the face of Mexico when the long-range shot wonderful goal, so that the desperate team climbed back from the edge of the cliff, can step by step up, and finally onto the stage of the final.
Lionel Messi once again became the key player for the team to break the ice in the final 16 battle with Australia. This time to pick up Otamendi back to do, Messi’s low shot to break his own knockout goal drought.
Dialogue with the strong Dutch, or Messi, he opened the perspective of God sent the exquisite straight plug, let Molina single into the penalty area, tearing open the Dutch line of defense.
In this game against Croatia, although the penalty was created by teammates, Messi withstood the pressure against goalkeeper Livakovic.
Messi will not repeat the mistakes made by Japan and Brazil. He used the inexplicable way of playing the top corner to destroy the Croat’s psychological line of defense.
b. The last scene: Messi is looking forward to realizing his dream
When the post-00 ponies from the Pampas prairie run tirelessly, they set up a running man system around Messi.
Eight years ago, it was so close. Eight years later, Messi will once again go all out for his dream and glory.
How far is Aztec in Mexico City from Russell in Doha, Qatar? Thirty-six years ago, he wore a size 10 and staged the World Cup alone.
Thirty-six years later, still an Argentine leader, he played a new football epic in a magical way.
No matter what the final result is, Messi has become the totem and belief of football in the 21st century, comparable to the achievements of Maradona and Pele.
Let’s look forward to the final and the coming of the dream come true. I believe that this is not just the wishes of Messi and Argentines, the sound of prayers and wishes has already covered every corner of the world.