This is the most wonderful final in the history of the World Cup. Is it the greatest match in the history of the World Cup?

Messi and Mbappe shook hands before the game
On December 20, in the World Cup final in Qatar, Argentina played a classic match with France, which made many people marvel at “the best final in the history of the World Cup”.
The French media team newspaper believes that this match is undoubtedly the best final in the history of the World Cup, even if it is not the best match in the history of the World Cup, it is also worth discussing. The original words of the team newspaper were: “if not the greatest match in the history of the World Cup, it is at least one of the greatest in the history of the World Cup.”
The team newspaper said that after experiencing such an exciting game, you must be vigilant because your emotions can easily mislead your judgment.
Before this World Cup, in a large number of World Cup best matches, the 1970 World Cup semi-final Italy 4-3 Federal Republic of Germany match reached the top several times, this game is often called the “Battle of the Century”. In this game, Italy took the lead in the first 8 minutes, Beckenbauer dislocated his right shoulder in the 67th minute to insist on the game, Schnellinger equaliser in stoppage time, the two teams 1-1 draw into overtime. The two teams scored a total of 5 goals in extra time, Gad Muller scored in the 94th minute, Burgunish equalized in the 98th minute, Riva scored in the 104th minute, and Muller scored a double equaliser in the 110th minute. Just a minute after Muller scored, the Golden Boy Rivera scored another goal and finally locked the score at 4-3.
The replacement quota in Germany was used up, Beckenbauer’s right shoulder was dislocated and insisted on fighting.
According to the team newspaper, the selection of the greatest game must include several elements: an important showdown, a huge stage background, and the image of one or more great players.
The following competitions contain these elements, and they often appear in the awards of the greatest competitions:
1982 World Cup semi-final France vs West Germany (120th minute 3-3, penalty shootout 4-5)
1986 World Cup 1×4 final France vs Brazil (120th minute 1-1, penalty kick 4-3)
1966 World Cup final England overtime 4-2 West Germany
Uruguay 2-1 Brazil in the 1950 World Cup final
1982 World Cup group stage Italy 3-2 Brazil
In other competitions, the team newspaper said that Germany’s 7-1-Brazil match in the 2014 World Cup semi-final was too lopsided and had no impression of a superstar; in the 1986 World Cup 1-game 4-final match between Argentina and 2-1 England, except for Maradona’s two goals, the whole match was lacklustre; the 2014 World Cup group match between the Netherlands and Spain was too far from the final.
The team newspaper concluded that the final between Argentina and France contained everything, bets, dramatic tension, the coronation desired by one of the world’s greatest players, as well as sudden reversals, surprises, young competitors’ hat-tricks, scoring twice in less than two minutes, another equaliser by the world champion in extra time and a last-minute shot by Muani.
In the 122nd minute of the final, Muani was blocked by Martinez.
“this is not only the best final in history, although the Frenchman was absent for 75 minutes, it will be very difficult to be better than this one. The greatest match in the history of the World Cup? We must be wary of emotions. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the debate on this matter will become formal and will last for a long time. ” The team newspaper says.