Today’s fun picture: who can fight the three elders of Taro, Ness and Kaku?

As soon as the World Cup is over, the magic man is going to eat again.
Come on, let me see whose goal is the best, 🤤.
Yesterday’s Nunez highlight moment. I’m sorry. I took it by mistake.
I’m sorry I got it wrong again.
And said it wasn’t you! Carol, stop pretending!
Today, our “no entry school” is officially established, and the three elders of Taro, Ness and Kaku pay homage!
Found a grumpy scum uncle.
This kid has won at the starting line, 🤩.
The president goes to play football in Saudi Arabia? Do you think this is reliable?
The winter window is about to open ~ Congratulations in advance on Benfica preparing to count banknotes 🤑
Is this a bully or Macy? Pay attention to those who want to have Boss Mei tattooed on your body. If you are not careful, the boss will have a fleshy 😂.