Tottenham Hotspur should sign Pickford to replace Lori Maguire is better than the Tottenham defender

January 3rd Tottenham star O’Hara accepted an interview with the media,
He expressed his views on the topic of Lloris and Tottenham’s defense.

About Lori

We need to find a replacement for Lowry.
He’s a great player for the team, but he makes so many turnovers that I think we need to replace him.

Pickford, absolutely, give me Pickford now.

About Tottenham’s defense

Maguire is better than the players we have.

He can’t play at Manchester United, if a left-back is playing at centre-back and you don’t play then Maguire has to think about leaving.

Lisandro will be back from his World Cup break, so Maguire will drop again.

Maguire has to look to get out of there and I want Tottenham to have him, no question about that.

(Little Green Goblin)