Uefa Vice President: Naples can win the Champions League. “Kevaradona” is a genius.

Zbigniew Boniak, vice president of Uefa, believes that Naples will not only win the Serie A title this season, they may also win the Champions League. Napoli had an impressive start to the season, leading the Serie A table with an eight-point lead ahead of the 2022 World Cup.
“I like Spalletti, he focuses on important things and knows what to ask of his team,” former Juve and Roma Bonnac told Corriere dello Sport. “I think once he wins the Serie A title at the end of the season, he will be the coach of the year. I can say that they have a huge advantage and play great football and no one can keep up with them. I also want to say that I think they can also win the Champions League. ”
Boniak was particularly impressed by the new signings signed by Napoli in the summer, and they made up for the departure of Koulibaly, Insegne and Mertens with Kim Saya and Kovalazhlia.
“I call him Kevaradona,” he said. “he is a complete genius. As for Kim, he is one of the best defenders in Serie A because of his energy, attention, marking and air ability, he is world-class. Obviously, they still need to keep a close eye on Milan and Inter. Juve are a good team, but what happens off the pitch complicates their reversal. ”