Western media: Atletico Madrid’s number one goal is Depay, and they are also interested in Amrabat

January 12, according to reports from Western media Relevo, after Felix left on loan, Atletico Madrid
The priority is to sign a striker, the basic premise is to complete the operation at low cost, whether it is a loan or a transfer.
Depay is their number one target and negotiations are already underway.

Atletico Madrid has contacted Depay’s entourage and Barcelona. The key depends on the player’s wishes. He prefers to stay in Spain rather than go to the Premier League.
The biggest hurdle for now will be reaching a deal with Barca, especially given the frosty relationship between the two clubs following the Griezmann affair.

Barcelona are unwilling to let Depay leave the team freely, so the parties need to reach an agreement on the economic aspect.
In addition, before this operation, Barcelona hopes to find an ideal replacement for Depay, but it has not yet.

In addition, Atletico Madrid is also looking for a midfielder.
In the past few hours, the possibility of Atletico Madrid signing Amrabat has exploded.
The Fiorentina midfielder has been recommended to Atletico Madrid, and there have been talks between the two parties. Atletico Madrid is very interested in him, but it is more economical to trade in June.

According to sources, it is almost impossible to complete such a deal in January, unless Atletico Madrid has important players in the core position.
The price of Amrabat should drop in the summer, around 30 million euros, and Atletico Madrid can consider it at that time. At present, they need to calm down and find what they think is the best solution.

(Ma Dongyu)