Western media: Lafayette did not close the door for Mbappe to join. If he wants to come, he will still have a chance in the future.

December 19-Mbappe World Cup final hat-trick, France lost to Argentina on penalties. Western media relevo said that although some people think it is impossible for Mbappe to come to Real Madrid, Florentino did not close the door for Mbappe to join the team.
Western media said that Mbappe was only 23 years old to wear a hat in the World Cup final, which is of historical significance, and no team in the world can refuse such a player. Florentino is fully aware that this is why Florentino did not close Mbape to join Real Madrid.
The phrase “the club is better than any player” has been repeated at Real Madrid and also applies to Mbappe. Because once the player is higher than the club, it will do harm to the club.
Western media say the emergence of the national club has put Real Madrid at a disadvantage, with Real Madrid unable to reach the figures of Paris or Manchester City in terms of transfer fee or salary. For this reason, the important thing about Real Madrid when signing players is the history of the team. For example, Joan Armeni, Real Madrid is not the highest-priced team, but Joan Armeni dreams of joining Real Madrid.
In 2022, Mbappe gave in to money and power and renewed his contract with Paris, but the decision will not last forever. For this reason, Florentino realized that if Real Madrid can compete for Mbappe, it is because Mbappe has always wanted to join the team. That’s why Florentino continues to aspire to sign Mbappe one day: you can’t miss the chance that the best player on the planet wants to play for your team.