Western media Manchester United is preparing to offer 4 million euros to rent Felix, and Atletico Madrid is asking for 12 million euros

January 5 According to Spanish Relevo reports, Manchester United hopes to rent Atletico Madrid striker Felix in the winter window.
However, Atletico Madrid’s asking price is much higher than Manchester United’s conjectural offer.

Manchester United intends to rent Felix in the winter window. They are preparing to offer Atletico Madrid a loan fee of 4 million euros to loan players until the end of the season.

Atletico Madrid accepted Manchester United’s loan form, but their asking price was between 12 million euros and 13 million euros, which was three times Manchester United’s offer.

Although Felix started the game against Elche, the relationship between him and Simeone has not improved, and Atletico Madrid does not rule out the possibility of Felix staying in the winter window.

If Felix leaves the team, Atletico may introduce Iglesias.