Western media: Real Madrid does not want Kroos to retire, players will communicate their decisions to the club in recent weeks

January 15th, according to Western media Relevo, the contract between Real Madrid midfielder Kroos and the club will be extended.
Expiring at the end of this season, the idea that has surrounded him for a long time is to end the contract and retire, but considering Kroos’ state, Real Madrid do not want him to do so.

Back in 2019, Kroos said that 33 was a good age to retire, and that retiring at a relatively early age would allow him to travel and fully enjoy his time with his wife and children.
The player is targeting January or February for a decision, he has yet to make a formal decision but the club don’t want him to hang up his boots and his numbers speak for themselves.

Of the 91 La Liga midfielders who have played at least 300 minutes, Kroos is the player who successfully delivered the most long balls and the most attempted passes, and of the La Liga midfielders, he played in the attacking third.
The number of successful passes ranked second, second only to Modric, and the number of key passes ranked seventh.

Considering Modric’s fatigue after the World Cup and Camavinga’s more prominent role as a substitute, coupled with the fact that Kroos is the only midfielder who has not been injured this season, this makes the German’s playing time in the team.
It reached fourth place, second only to Vinicius, Valverde and Alaba.

With the support of such data, as Ancelotti said, it is unthinkable for Kroos to retire in June.
The German will communicate his decision to the club in recent weeks. A few months ago, Real Madrid were pessimistic about his staying at the team, but for now they feel positive.

(Ma Dongyu)