When the former Barcelona executive communicated with Bartomeu, he said that the players were “spoiled and insensitive”

January 13, according to the “Daily Sports” report, the former Barcelona executive Gomez
-The content of the exchange between Ponti and the then chairman Bartomeu was exposed, in which he unceremoniously described the players of Barcelona’s first team as “spoiled and insensitive millionaires”.

During the epidemic, Ponty was able to understand the players’ contracts very conveniently, and these related contents also appeared in his remarks many times.
He wrote in a long letter to Bartomeu: “Under your leadership, the club must face the situation of a large salary cut in the first team, especially in the first team.
After the disgraceful, vile and disgusting attitude of millionaires. They don’t care what people suffer and refuse to agree with the club on the minimum conditions to keep the economy running.”

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