Who’s on top of Levan’s suspension? World voting: Fatti ranked first with more than 50% of the vote, and Deppe ranked second.

On December 26th, Barcelona striker Lewandowski will be suspended for three games. Sports World conducted an opinion poll to ask fans to choose who they most want to replace Levan in the starting line-up. As a result, Fatti ranked first with an approval rating of more than 50%, while Deppe ranked second.
A total of 7130 fans voted as of the deadline, with Fatti in the first place with 3956 votes (55.48%), Deppe second with 2134 votes (29.93%), Phelan Torres third with 611 votes (8.57%), and echelon youngster Victor Barbella with 429 votes (6.02%).
(Qi Zi Cake)