Wife talks about meeting Martinez: he often patronizes my parents’ restaurant in London. He is very shy.

Amanda Mandinha Gama, wife of Argentine goalkeeper Martinez, revealed details of the start of their relationship.
Gemma: “I still have the letter he wrote to me. My parents own a restaurant in London that Arsenal players know. Martinez started coming when he was 17 or 18.” I was still in college at that time. In order to help my parents, I came to work in a restaurant. He has been there many times on weekends, while I am working. He’s shy, and I’m a little bit. I know a friend of his. I have seen him several times in the street, because he is from South America. I think he can say hello to me. ”
“my apartment is next door, and when I went to work, I asked his friends, ‘Why do they meet me every time?’ I think I’ve become brave, because it’s okay to say ‘Hello’. This is how it started, because I talked to his friend, and finally Martinez sent me a message saying,’I’m not braver, I’m ashamed, but if you like, let’s have a cup of coffee’. When we went back to my apartment, we had coffee, um, we had a cup of coffee, and then we went out for dinner a few times. ”
“I remember when he first walked into my house, he was too tall. I thought,’I can’t be with him, he’s too tall, I’m a little girl’. When he came in, I said,’so tall’. He was always very kind and lovely. I always thought he was the cutest person in the world, but he was always kind to me. He won’t give you anything too expensive, send you a flower, write to me, and I still have his letter. ”
“I gave birth in a public hospital in London and they kept me waiting for 30 hours. Then I waited there, and then there was an emergency C-section. It has been a very difficult year for me. Now I understand, because I am a person who works freely and travels a lot, you will feel a little imprisoned after having a child. I am very happy that I gave birth to the baby smoothly. Martinez was there all the time, because they asked me to make a video call with him at the hospital, and I felt like he was there, so it was very good, and he cried. ”