Wu Jingui: Shenhua players have not been easy all season. Their hard work is touching!

December 30-Shanghai Shenhua beat Shenzhen 2-0 in the last round of the Chinese Super League, which ended this afternoon. After the match, Shenhua coach Wu Jingui attended the press conference.
Speaking of today’s game, Wu Jingui said: “it should be said that the game was just like what we expected before the game, and the players went all out on the field and played a better football.”
“it has not been easy for the players all season, but they have been working hard until the last game today, which is very touching. Thanks to the players for their good form and attitude to deal with every game in a long season. I think the players work very hard, so I am proud of them. ”
“at the same time, all the staff related to the Chinese Super League are very hard. After a year, everyone is very devoted and hard-working, and all parties are well organized. Although the conditions are very difficult, we have all been taken very good care of in Dalian, Jinjiang and Haikou. We have received very good care in both training and competition, and we are also working hard to do a good job in the competition, so thank you very much. At the end of 2022. I also wish you all good health, all the best and family happiness in the new year. ”
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