Xie Hui: it is our honor to be able to offer a pure football game in front of tens of thousands of fans

On December 30, the 34th round of the Chinese Super League, Dalian team against Chengdu Chengdu team, head coach Xie Hui and player Wang Xianjun attended the press conference before the match.
Talking about the situation of preparing for war–
Xie Hui: first of all, I’m very glad to be here in Chengdu. I haven’t been here for a long time. It is our honor to present a pure football game in front of tens of thousands of fans tomorrow. We attach great importance to this game, although more than half of the main players have not recovered because of the illness, but we will do our best.
After adding U19 players, some players have recovered and more players will take part in the last game. We will finish from beginning to end, in such a good venue, such a good atmosphere, return to the original intention of football, for everyone to offer a wonderful game.
Wang Xianjun: for me, this is a special season. First of all, I would like to thank Director Xie for his help and the fans in Dalian for their support over the past year. I hope we can finish this season with a victory tomorrow and see you at home next year.