Yu Media: the last loss of Pele’s career was lost to Chinese football and was impressed by Shen Xiangfu and Chi Shangbin.

December 30-according to upstream news reports, “King of the Ball” Pele formed ties with China many times before his death, and he lost the last game of his career to the Chinese team.
In 1977, the 37-year-old Pele ushered in his last season with the New York Cosmos. On September 15, 1977, Pele flew to Beijing from Tokyo, Japan, and set foot on the land of China, a country with ancient oriental civilization for the first time. Two days later, the first game of the New York Cosmos trip to China, against the Chinese national team, was held as promised at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium. On the night of the match, more than 60,000 people swarmed into the workers’ sports stands. Liu Lifu opened the record, goalkeeper Li Fusheng saved many times, but Field’s shot was refracted and the two teams drew 1-1.
Nian Weisi, the then Chinese football coach, recalled: “the nearly 37-year-old Pele played the whole game.” After all, his age is not forgiving, he does not run too much, but his technical movements and consciousness after catching the ball still have a good foundation. When Pele got the ball and the left wing went forward, he found his nearby teammates in an offside position, so he poked sideways and passed the ball to the left. After looking at it, the expert was impressed by Bailey’s on-the-spot observation. ” After the game, Pele also highlighted three outstanding players in Chinese football: Shen Xiangfu, Chi Shangbin and Li Fusheng.
Three days later, the two teams moved to Shanghai Jiangwan Stadium for the second round. The arrival of Pele also filled the Jiangwan Stadium with spectators. Unexpectedly, Chi Shangbin and Shen Xiangfu successively scored two goals in Chinese football, and it was not until the 63rd minute of the game that Pele scored with a direct free kick, but his exquisite foot decreed the fans at the scene. After the game, Pele exchanged jerseys with Rong Zhixing, who was wearing the No. 11 jersey of the Chinese team, and praised Rong Zhixing and said, “you are a world-class player.”
Less than two weeks after the end of the trip to China, the New York Universe held a real farewell match for Pele at the Giant Stadium in New Jersey. The 2-1 defeat to Chinese football in Shanghai became Pele’s last loss in his career, and Chinese fans were very lucky to see him on the spot before he retired.
(Nanling weeps)