Zeng Jia: Shik knows that he will be an important player if he stays at Inter Milan. If he leaves the team, he will only be an ordinary player

January 15th, in an interview with a reporter from Sky Sports Italy, the former Inter Milan goalkeeper Zeng Jia talked about
Now comes the issue of contract renewal between Inter Milan and Shik.

Zenga said: “Shik is considering a lot of issues now. He is considering whether to accept Inter Milan’s contract extension offer or join a team that can provide him with a more lucrative contract, which means that his choice will bring
Great uncertainty.”

“If Shik chooses to renew his contract and stay at Inter Milan, then he will be an important player in the team, but he will lose the opportunity to get a high salary. If Shik chooses to leave Inter Milan, he may get a higher salary, but in
The new team will be just one player, one of many.”

(Real Steel)