Zhan Jun: If Haaland is not reactivated, Manchester City will still be in danger of losing points

January 15th Manchester Derby, Manchester United reversed Manchester City 2-1 to win, the latter played a game first
5 points behind the top Arsenal, Haaland suffered a short-term scoring drought.
Zhan Jun commented on the current situation of the Premier League championship.

“Manchester United have entered the championship ranks after winning this round. Manchester City has only won two games in the past five rounds. If Haaland is not ‘activated’ as soon as possible, they will still be in danger of losing points. For Arsenal in January
It is a real test. Although they were tied by Newcastle in the last round, their overall level and performance are not as ups and downs as Manchester City. Tonight against Tottenham and next Sunday against Manchester United, the Gunners must strive to remain unbeaten. The club executives should know
, This season is the best chance to win the Premier League since 2004. The winter window must be supplemented to ensure the depth of the lineup. Now the team’s starting XI can’t afford to be injured. Missed transfer targets Felix, Mudri
Will Arsenal consider Juventus’ Vlahovic after the game?”