Zhan Junzan Scaroni: the most powerful thing is the ability of error correction and observation, looking forward to the unique skills of the final.

December 14 Beijing time early this morning, Qatar World Cup semi-finals, Argentina beat Croatia 3-0 to advance to the final. Famous football commentator Zhan Jun praised Argentine coach Luciano Scaloni, saying that his greatest strength may be his ability to correct mistakes and observe.
Zhan Jun wrote on his personal Weibo that he has played for Argentina only seven times as a player, and “Legend of Youth” Zanetti is the inevitable first choice for the national team at right-back. After coaching, he has never been a manager at the club, only as an assistant to Sampoli in Seville and the Argentine national team. When Scaroni took office four years ago, Argentina had lost three consecutive finals and Russia was eliminated by France in the last 16 of the World Cup. It seems that “Argentina can win the championship with Lionel Messi” is really an illusion. Now, he has led the team to win the Copa America last year, one step away from the Golden Cup of Hercules. Perhaps the best thing about Scaroni is his ability to correct mistakes and observe.
Zhan Jun added: after being surprised by Saudi Arabia in the first game, he immediately realized that the team’s running ability was insufficient, removed Lautaro, Gomez and Paredes, and used Alvarez, McAllister and Enzo. Let these three men, together with Lionel Messi become the new main structure, the front and middle court is full of vitality from now on. The semi-final was changed from 352 to 442, allowing Paredes to compete patiently with Croatia in the starting line-up, liberating Enzo for a beautiful counterattack and aiming at the other side’s “weakness” of Lovren. “it’s like climbing a mountain, one step at a time.” their next and last opponent in this year’s World Cup will certainly be more difficult to deal with. I expect the low-key Scaroni to shine again.
Argentina will face the winners of France and Morocco in the World Cup final.
(Xiao Hu)