Zhang Kangyang: Inter want to fight for the championship, we have seen the growth of Lautaro

December 21-Inter Milan Club held a Christmas dinner on Tuesday, and President Zhang Kangyang said Inter still wanted to fight for the championship.
President Zhang Kangyang said in an interview: “there is no doubt that we still want to fight for the championship and we will continue to do so this season.”
Then Zhang Kangyang talked about Lautaro, who won the World Cup with Argentina: “I am very happy for Lautaro. We have seen his growth and progress. He has come a long way before he became the world champion.” We are very proud of him. ”
Lukaku has returned to Milan on loan this season, but his performance has not lived up to expectations. Zhang Kangyang said: “all players will have ups and downs, we hope he can also improve.” Lukaku trains hard every day. ”
(Su Erhu)