Zimicus: Klop has the highest demand for full-backs. I will see what options I have before crossing.

December 21-after joining Liverpool in the summer of 2020, Zimicas played only seven games in his first season, compared with 26 games last season. Entering the 2022-23 season, Zimicas has become an important rotation player for the team, and he has played 16 games so far. In the process, the Greek defender made five assists, just seven times behind Robertson in the Reds. Zimicas is expected to usher in his 50 landmark games at Liverpool in the Carling Cup against Manchester City.
In an interview with Theathletic, Zimicas said: “as a player, I feel I have made a lot of progress at Liverpool.” In Greece, it is every child’s dream to play for a club like Liverpool. This is also my dream, and I also realized such a dream. However, I never thought that I would be very competitive in this team. ”
“when I joined Liverpool, I told myself: ‘they chose to let me come here because they saw something about me and they wanted me to be like the rest of the team.’ I just need to believe in myself more and work harder. When a manager like Klop trusts you and trusts you, you will want to give more, and my teammates have helped me a lot. ”
“I am full of desire for my future and I hope to make more progress and win more trophies for Liverpool. My goal is to be one of the best left-backs in the world and that’s what I’m looking for. ”
“Clop is very demanding and he wants you to show the same energy in attack and defense. You need to step forward to create opportunities, and at the same time, you also need to show focus and determination in catching up with defense in the face of counterattacks. I think it’s the most demanding position in Klop’s team, but it’s also exciting because you’ve been involved in the game and I’m happy about it. I have the same love for attack and defense, and I try to accomplish these two tasks with the same intensity. ”
“at first, I will pay attention to the movement of Robertson and Arnold on the court to see when they put in assists and when they fall into defense. Robertson and I have a good relationship and we learn from each other. So far, the best memory of my career is the FA Cup final. It was the first time I took a penalty and it brought us the championship. ”
“for me, assists are as good as goals and that’s what I like to do. Before I cross, I always look up to see what options I have, not just passing the ball to a certain area and hoping that someone can get the point. ”
“Nunez is a very talented player and everyone saw that when we played Benfica last season. It is a great pleasure for him to join us. All the players need to adapt to the new tactical system, and he doesn’t speak English. However, I am not worried at all. I think he will be our scoring machine. ”
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